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The best gift to give a newborn baby?

It has finally happened after waiting nine long months; your friend loved one has just had their little bundle of joy come into their lives, but you are now going crazy thinking about a thoughtful gift to get the parents and the newborn baby! What makes it even more difficult is that usually the parents have already got all of the necessary items they need, and what do you buy someone with everything? The baby is going to be spoilt rotten as they should be! Then you get thinking and end up searching online, "what is the best gift to give a newborn baby?" Well, I am here to help you out!

It would be best if you thought outside the box. Something unique, bespoke, and personal that the family could keep forever. It will also bode well in your favour as it shows that you have put much thought into the gift for the newborn baby. Which you would have done, but something personalised is always appreciated more as it is one of a kind. I mean, when a partner buys you some jewellery, it is fantastic (sometimes makes you think what have they done) but isn't it that little bit better when it has been personalised, it just seems that little bit more special and thoughtful. 

We think that a personalised print is a perfect and best gift a new family could receive, as it would look perfect in the babies new nursery or the parent's office. It is thoughtful, meaningful, and something the family could keep forever. 


Illustrashun prints create bespoke framed baby gift detail prints that showcase the unforgettable memories of the day the newborn baby was born. The prints include details such as; their name, date of birth, time of delivery, place of birth, parents names, what time the sun rose and set that day, how much a stamp cost that year, their Chinese zodiac sign, their star-sign, birthstone, and even the number one song that week! Some of the prints have all this information yet are still clear and bit enough to read on A4, but the prints also come in size A3 and have excellent colour schemes to fit all nurseries' decor, from tonal pastel colours to blue and pink. Information is inputted to the website, and we work our magic to figure out all the added information such as the number one song, their star-sign, and even the time of the sunrise and set. However, saying this, some songs that are number one may be crude and not fit for a baby gift print such as; last week we created a print that had the number one song being WAP by Cardi B, so this was changed to the song of the year to a better and more fitting song. 

All the prints are gift-wrapped, and a message is added upon request and can be sent straight to the new parent's home, which is excellent with the effects of covid and not being able to see people as often. This is the best gift you could give a newborn baby and their parents because you don't need to get it sent to yours to then wrap it up and then send it to the new family, it is all done by us. All prints are shipped worldwide, but if the personalised baby print is for domestic within Australia, it is free and takes 2-5 working days. When the print is ordered, a preview is sent to you to confirm before sending out the final product to ensure that you are happy with the personalised baby print. 

So I hope we have helped you out, and your search for "what is the best gift for a newborn baby?" has now helped you out! And I can almost guarantee no one else would have even thought about it! If you want to check out all the prints that we have for you to choose from, take a look at 

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